Land Use Planning Services

Iplan Consulting offer complete entitlement processing and land use planning services from preliminary concept review meetings, to final permitting, and everything in between.

Preliminary Land Planning

From hand sketches to full CAD layouts, Iplan Consulting has the background and experience to help start your project on the right track.

For residential developers, our experience with production home builders and local municipalities helps us provide viable layouts that take into account permitted densities, desired lot dimensions, and unique and varying staff preferences.

For commercial and industrial developers, our background in municipal planning and years working with civil engineering firms means the site plans we create can be approved and permitted in a reasonably short amount of time and with minimal effort.

Feasibility Research

When you need to determine how viable a site is for your desired use or product, Iplan Consulting is your go-to consultant. We have extensive knowledge of each municipality’s regulations, so we can quickly and accurately assess any property you have for development.

In addition to knowing basic zoning and setback information, we are also able to determine any unique site opportunities or constraints and identify general engineering issues that may be present.

Once we know a site is physically viable, we use our connections with the governing entity to determine how politically viable the proposed use or product is. This sometimes includes preliminary meetings with both City Staff and/or other stakeholders.

At the end of our efforts, you will have a clear understanding of what challenges might face you in the development of the subject property minimizing your risk moving forward through the design and development process.


The approval of your project is our number one priority and is the service we have focused on the most in our 12 years of business. We offer complete entitlement processing from preliminary concept review meetings, to final permitting, and everything in between; including general plan amendments, zoning, planned area developments, platting, site plans, variances, and use permits.

We understand every project requires specific approvals and every municipality has unique regulations and processes to obtain them. We devote significant time keeping up with the various entitlement process changes that occur around the valley so we are always ready to advise you on what processes are needed and the anticipated time to complete them.

Our goal is to define the entitlement process both in terms of time and effort from the very beginning to minimize your risk.

Neighborhood Outreach

As cities grow, so does the impact area residents can have on the development of a project. One of the more unique services Iplan Consulting provides is a complete neighborhood outreach program, including the typical required neighborhood meeting(s). In addition, we conduct preliminary outreach for area stakeholders who might be impacted more, including those who advocate and oppose the project.

Our methods of obtaining and maintaining communication are flexible enough to reach all intended audiences and include email, phone, mailings, sign postings, even door-to-door personal outreach – whatever is necessary to understand and facilitate communication with the community impacted by a project.

As government entities continue to increase outreach requirements, we make sure your project complies with (and often exceeds) regulations.

Project Management

Every client has different needs. We have the ability to customize our scope of work to meet those needs. That may include only land planning assistance or complete project oversight including RFP preparation, timeline establishment, co-consultant coordination, submittal preparation, and active case management.

Our services extend beyond case approvals that include construction document processing and permitting assistance when needed. Our knowledge of the entire development process and our familiarity with the various government regulations makes us a great choice for managing all or any part or your project.

Municipal Contracts

Having a combined 15 plus years of municipal planning experience, Iplan Consulting is fully staffed to provide contractual planning services at any government level. Our municipal planning experience includes all facets of agency planning including active case management, code updates, and long-range comprehensive planning.

Current and past agency contract clients include the Town of Gilbert, the City of Mesa, the Town of Queen Creek, and the City of Scottsdale.